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What is Loom network ?

Loom network Loom Network focuses on building layer two solutions for building scalable sidechains on top of Ethereum.

Loom Network is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) that allows Ethereum based Solidity applications to be run on main chain and on private and semi public chains. Dapp developers can have smart contracts that can access more computing power when necessary. Loom aims to make scaling decentralized applications faster and easier while remaining on the Ethereum network.

Loom network is now running three highly-performant sidechains: gamechain, socialchain and plasmachain.

Investors can leverage their LOOM via staking.

architecture: sidechain protocol
blockchain: Ethereum / public
consensus algorithm: delegated proof-of-stake
usability: second layer protocol
launch date: Mar 2018
supply: LOOM / 1 Mrd.
wallets: all major multi currency wallets


Loom network on recommended exchanges*

Where to buy and trade Loom network. LOOM is available on Huobi Global. This is a small choice of some of the leading crypto exchanges:

Coinmerce Binance LAToken
Binance** LA Token**

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Atomicwallet Trust wallet Coinomi wallet

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