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What is ?

CRO was formerly founded as Monaco and built as a global crypto and fiat payment platform. Meanwhile it offers lending and staking functionality too.

With the app one can store, receive, exchange and send fiat and cryptocurrencies. With the VISA debit card, money can be withdrawn from ATMs worldwide free of charge and it will be accepted for payments all over the world, where VISA is accepted. The retailer/dealer receives the currency of his choice.

It is easy and free of charge to get an account and order a metal VISA card for free. Just register on the app and order under the condition of buying and staking min. 50 MCO coins.

Download the app and use the following referral code** to get 50 USD in MCO coins as a reward: cvz5bgnx77.

architecture: blockchain platform
blockchain: own / public
consensus algorithm:
usability: universal payment and lending platform
launch date: Dec 2018
coin / max supply: CRO / 100 bill.
wallets: multi currency wallets and special wallet/dapp

Blockchain-Informationen on recommended exchanges*

Where to buy and trade CRO is available on some crypto exchanges globally. This is a small choice of some of the leading crypto exchanges:

Coinmerce OKex Digifinex

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Multi currency wallets

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The most advanced wallets offer staking and exchanging or swaping too.

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Atomicwallet Trust wallet Coinomi wallet

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