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Ontology partners with Google

Ontology has startet an official Google Cloud partnership with three of Ontology´s projects have been accepted into the Google´s Cloud ecosystem, outlining new, working together to integrate Google's cloud computing services. Read more on Medium =>

decentralized liquidity pools

Why are liquidity pools so important for DeFi and how do they work ? Read more on Medium =>

decentralized exchanges

Check out what are the best protocols for building decentralized exchanges: 0x, Kyber network, Hydro protocol.

oracle protocols

Check out what are the best oracle protocols: Chainlink, Tellor, Band protocol, DOS network.

Soccer Fan Token

FanTokenFC Barcelona now also has its fan token. There are 40 million BAR tokens with a current price of $ 5.85. The token was sold to the fan before for 2 Euro. Before Barcelona, the AS Roma , Juventus Turin , Paris Saint-Germain , Galatasaray Istanbul and Atletico Madrid have launched their fan tokens. In late 2019 also Bayern Munich announced to bring a fan token selling it for 2 Euro. The possession of tokens usually allows to buy products in the fan shop, pay for tickets and vote for club decisions. The mentioned tokens can be traded at against Bitcoin and USDT.

Elrond mainnet launch

After passing successful testnet, Elrond will launch ist ambitious mainnet end of June. Read more on Medium =>

What is sharding ?

Sharding is a way, how networks can be slitted into parts/shards to incrase scalability. Read more on Cointelegraph =>

OMG network

Since June 1st, the former Omisego is been renamed to OMG network. OMG network is an Ethereum based payments service.

Neo 3.0 testnet launch

Neo has announced to launch the new Neo 3.0 testnet in Q2/2020. The crypto community is waiting for major improvements and new functionalties. Read about what is about to come on Neo news today =>

Ethereum 2.0 launch

Ethereum is about to launch the new PoS network upgrade with staking options for coin owners. What you need to know is summeriezed on Cointelegraph =>

Tron 4.0 launch

Tron´s CEO Justin Sun has announced, that the Tron 4.0 network upgrade will be launched on July 7th. Major improvements and new features are going to push the busiest blockchain in the market. Read more on Ethereumworldnews =>

How do crypto futures work ?

Futures are contracts that provide a way to speculate on future price movements of an asset. You may be familiar with commodities futures or indices futures. But did you know you can also trade bitcoin futures? Read more =>

Cardano Shelley mainnet launch

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK and Cardano has given insights on the plan to launch the long awaited Shelley Mainnet by end of July. Staking on mainnet will start mid of August. Read more on Blockchain news =>

Theta 2.0 mainnet launch

Theta has launch its mainnet 2.0, a big step foreward to decentralized video streaming and community staking. Read more on Medium =>

Ontology launched SAGA

SAGA is a decentralized data marketplace for users to monetize and acquire data in a trusted, standardized and cost-effective way. The SAGA data marketplace is powered by a complete data interaction protocol based on the Ontology public chain. More on Medium =>

Upcoming staking projects

Till summer 2020 many new and high quality staking projects will be available: Ethereum 2.0, Cardano, Zilliqa,, Theta, Harmony, Nebulas, Polkadot, Matic, Solana, Credits. More on =>

Constellation mainnet launch

The dag project Constellation announced the launch of their mainnet Hypergraph on April 30th with a following token swap to mainnet coin. The swap must be finished at least till sunday May 10th. Informations about the mainnet on Medium and on their website =>

Cryptozilla a scam ?

The website easy and offers high return investments buy paying daily profits. But reports are complaining about unprocessed withdrawals and unanswered support contacts.

Binance will issue crypto-VISA-card

read external article =>

Kava partners with Chainlink

read external article =>

US crypto currency act 2020

Under the proposed Crypto-Currency Act of 2020, the United States would recognize and classify crypto assets by three distinct types: commodities (like Bitcoin and utility token), securities (digital assets that are bond to real world assets like stocks) and currencies (mainly stablecoins).

India's Supreme Court overturns a ban on cryptocurrencies

The Supreme Court of India on Wednesday overturned a 2018 decision by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), which prohibited Indian banks from dealing with cryptocurrency exchanges due to concerns of consumer protection, market integrity and risks of money laundering.
But neither the government agrees with the court decision, nor the central bank does. It will fight back, since all central banks seem to start war against crypto.

What is defi ? =>

Crypto currency portraits*

Klick to find all important information about the leading crypto coins and token in a nutshell:

BTCBitcoin BTC DashDash LTCLitecoin LTC MoneroMonero XMR
ZcashZcash ZEC DigibyteDigibyte DGB BCHBitcoin cash BCH GRINGrin coin GRIN
ETHEthereum ETH EOSEOS TronTron TRX CardanoCardano ADA
XRPXRP StellarXLM Stellar TezosTezos XTZ BinanceBinance BNB
CosmosCosmos ATOM LiskLisk LSK MakerMaker MKR NEMNEM XEM
NeoNeo VechainVechain VET OntologyOntology ONT Ethereum classicEthereum classic ETC
IconIcon ICX WavesWaves KomodoKomodo KMD AlgorandAlgorand ALGO
ZilliqaZilliqa ZIL ElrondElrond ERD VelasVelas VLX SolanaSolana SOL
HarmonyHarmony ONE IOSTIOST CartesiCartesi CTSI
MaticMatic MATIC ChainlinkChainlink LINK SynthetixSynthetix SNX KyberKyber KNC
iExeciExec RLC HiveHive NervosNervos CKB 0x0x ZRX
Band protocolBand CelsiusCelsius CEL RenRen OMGOMG
Hydro protocolHydro HOT Loom protocolLoom CompoundCompound COMP RequestRequest REQ
TellorTellor TRB DOS networkDOS AaveAave LEND ThorchainThorchain RUNE
IrisnetIrisnet IRIS NimiqNimiq NIM
IOTAIOTA HederaHedera HBAR NanoNano NANO FantomFantom FTM
ViteVite VITE DuskDusk DUSK ConstellationConstellation DAG CotiCoti COTI

Multi currency wallets

Multi currency wallets can store different kinds of coins and tokens, mostly all the leading coins, Ethereum ERC20 token, Neo NEP5 and Binance BEP2 token and many other coins and token.

The most advanced wallets offer staking and exchanging or swaping too.

Atomicwallet Trust wallet Coinomi wallet
Atomicwallet Trust wallet Coinomi wallet

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