airdrops An airdrop is a promotion and marketing tool for mostly new tokens to raise awareness and involvement in the project and to build up a community. The crypto community can participate in airdrop tasks such as following the project on social media sites and receive tokens as a reward for free.

Recent interesting and simple airdrops**

When participating in an airdrop campaign, it is sometimes necessary to create an account on an exchange platform and complete KYC verification or have an own wallet address (e.g. ERC20) for the free tokens. It is also mandatory to have a twitter and telegram account or even facebook, youtube, medium, reddit or other social platform IDs. To participate, please click on the NAME**. The link leads to either a telegram bot or an airdrop form to fill.

We do not garantee actuality, correctness and payout of any of the linked projects**. Please decide by yourself whether to participate or not.

Protocol Finance defi 0.2 PFI
DIXT Finance defi 0.05 DIXT
Yield Finance Farm defi 0.1 YIF
Hyper Credit defi 150 HPAY
Bulls defi 100 BULLS
YeFi defi 0.5 YEFI
DEXHub exchange 21 DXHUB
Kryptomo exchange 700 KRT Dec 5th
Moon DeFi defi 5 MOON
TronYFI defi 10 TYFI
A Finance Token Partner defi 10000 AFTP
Emporium defi 0.25 CEFI
West currency 2 WEST
Melecoin currency 5 MLC
PBC Project platform 300 PBC
Yearn Shark Finance defi o.15 YSKF
WacPorium platform 5 WAC Dec 20th
Uniswap Gold defi 500 UNIG
Year Finance Red defi 0.1 YFIR
Zodiac defi 0.5 ZOC
PBS Chain defi 5 PBS
Apple Protocol defi 10 AAPL
Yield Bank defi 40$ yCASH
Utron protocol 50 UTX
Royal Edge DeFi protocol 50 RYG
Lotos Exchange exchange 1.2 LOTOS
Golden Leap currency 5 GLDC
Naker DAO defi protocol 0.03 NKR
Yearn Classic exchange 525 EARN
ZigZagFinance defi 150 ZAG
Royal DeFi defi 12 RLD Dec 10th
deCyber Network protocol 100 DNCP
Uniswap PRO defi 600 UNIPRO Nov 15th
YHOLD Finance defi 1 YHOLD
TakerDAO defi 1 TKR
Happy Farmer platform 100 HPF
Cocoricos platform EGG
dEarn Finance defi 700 DFI
OMYX platform 9.000 OMYX
Task platform 50 TASK
EcoFi defi protocol 1.000 EGT
Yearnswap exchange 50 YSF
Celiswap exchange 500 CSP Nov 15th
Yearnify protocol 0.1 YFY
SuperRunningCoin currency 50 SRC
Nene DeFi protocol 1 NENE
Coruls market place 71 CORL
FoxyFi protocol 1 FOXY
Cart DeFi platform 50 CART
Universe currency 500 UNIT
YFIV Finance protocol 1 YFIV
xUSD currency 1500
TronGold currency 0.5
Imperium gambling 100 IPBA Oct 20th
Krypto currency 100 KRYPTO max. 50.000
MCN protocol 50 MCN Nov 30th
Algae protocol 1000 BIOG
Flysio currency 50 FLY
UCA currency 240 UCA
Bridge Oracle protocol 2 BRG
Credit Token currency 10 CT
Fomo Swap exchange 5 MVM
Invizion platform 8 NVZN
TronUSDT currency 500 TUSDT
Centus currency 100$
P2P Cash payment 1500 P2P
Ubets Coin currency 1 UBETS (=10 BNB)
Invest Token platform 50 INV
Bullion Chain platform 20 BLC
PCash platform 250 PCH
PNLcoin platform 3600 PNL
Real Estate platform 25-50$ NALE
Crom currency 500 CROM
Future Protocol protocol 500 FUPT
ZinoChain platform 100 ZCX
Safaritoken payment platform 1000 SFR
UGCB betting platform 10000 UGCB August 30th
Ride/FED platform 1800 RIDE
Nethermix currency 1500 NRX July 31
StellarF currency 100 STR mid 2021
Challenge currency 50 CLG
JUST currency JST
Bitcoin yield platform 20 BTCY July 15
LavaMoney currency 20 LAVA July 31
DLT platform 30 DLT Dec 31 2020
ClipX platform 90 CXC
Originate currency 50 ORC
Flame Exchange exchange 500 FXL July 6
Local Stellars currency 20,000 XLMG
OIlage bioenergy 2,000 OIL
Exenox mining 15 EXNX
USDC currency 3 USDC daily
Teccoin currency 70 TEC
Trybal currency 500 TRY ++ daily
Relictum pro platform 3500 GTN
Lung Protocol currency 2000 L2P
IQONIQ fan platform 5$ IQQ June 12th
MORPHER trading platform 500 MORPHER
British Digital Asset Management platform 200 BDAM May 30th
SatoshiVision Coin platform 1 Mio SVC Aug 10th
Oikos defi platform 200 OKS May 18th
Nanodex exchange 15 NNX May 30th
Dollar Lite DLT crypto currency 30 DLT Dec 31st 2020
Flitpay exchange 1000 FLT
P2P ultra platform 37.5 PTRA
Ultimate ecommerce 45 UPT
Infinity platform 1000 INF May 31st
Dsdaq exchange 10 OD
Wondercoin crypto currency 20 WND June 15th
CNY Tether CNY Tether 100 CNYT max. 10.000 participants
Titanium platform 5 TNT June 10th
Cowrium platform 80 CWR May 30th
Ispolink Job board platform 3300 ISPO
ZELF banking banking app and card 5 € May 15th
Erba cannabis platform 10 ERB May 30th
Money Token crypto currency 25 MNT May 15th
CUSD global crypto currency 50 cUSD May 15th
COCOCOIN crypto exchange 500 COCO (50 USD)
SOLANA high speed blockchain min. 20 USD (Binance)
DOGDATA blockchain for dogs data 35 ETHBN (ERC20) April 25th
QNODE high speed blockchain 175 QNC  
BITYARD exchange and mining platform upto 16 USD in BYD June 30th
IZEROIUM P2P exchange 100 IZER (ERC20) May 2nd
ZODIAC gift platform 30 ZODIAC (ERC20)  
BITCOIN BLACK crypto currency 36 USD in BCB April 30th
GRAM FREE currency GRAM  
PARALLELITY blockchain platform 50 PRLLT (ERC20)  
PROMETHEUS blockchain platform 100 PRO (ERC20) April 30th

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Crypto currency portraits*

Klick to find all important information about the leading crypto coins and token in a nutshell:

BTCBitcoin BTC DashDash LTCLitecoin LTC MoneroMonero XMR
ZcashZcash ZEC DigibyteDigibyte DGB BCHBitcoin cash BCH GRINGrin coin GRIN
ETHEthereum ETH EOSEOS TronTron TRX CardanoCardano ADA
XRPXRP StellarXLM Stellar TezosTezos XTZ BinanceBinance BNB
CosmosCosmos ATOM LiskLisk LSK MakerMaker MKR NEMNEM XEM
NeoNeo VechainVechain VET OntologyOntology ONT Ethereum classicEthereum classic ETC
IconIcon ICX WavesWaves KomodoKomodo KMD AlgorandAlgorand ALGO
ZilliqaZilliqa ZIL ElrondElrond ERD VelasVelas VLX SolanaSolana SOL
HarmonyHarmony ONE IOSTIOST CartesiCartesi CTSI
MaticMatic MATIC ChainlinkChainlink LINK SynthetixSynthetix SNX KyberKyber KNC
iExeciExec RLC HiveHive NervosNervos CKB 0x0x ZRX
Band protocolBand CelsiusCelsius CEL RenRen OMGOMG
Hydro protocolHydro HOT Loom protocolLoom CompoundCompound COMP RequestRequest REQ
TellorTellor TRB DOS networkDOS AaveAave LEND ThorchainThorchain RUNE
IrisnetIrisnet IRIS NimiqNimiq NIM
IOTAIOTA HederaHedera HBAR NanoNano NANO FantomFantom FTM
ViteVite VITE DuskDusk DUSK ConstellationConstellation DAG CotiCoti COTI

Multi currency wallets

Multi currency wallets can store different kinds of coins and tokens, mostly all the leading coins, Ethereum ERC20 token, Neo NEP5 and Binance BEP2 token and many other coins and token.

The most advanced wallets offer staking and exchanging or swaping too.

Atomicwallet Trust wallet Coinomi wallet
Atomicwallet Trust wallet Coinomi wallet

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