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Blockchain money

About: Dogecoin - a cryptocurrency founded as a joke =>

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Mine PI with your smartphone

PI network started on March 14, 2019, and has already accumulated more than 7 mill. PI miners around the world, what make the network one of the biggest in the crypto space. Piīs core team is led by two Stanford University PhDs and a Stanford MBA who have helped build the blockchain community at Stanford University. PI is designed to create a cryptocurrency and smart contract platform that is protected and operated by day-to-day people. PI makes encryption mining easy, and breakthrough technology allows anyone to mine on mobile phones without draining the battery. Read the portrait and start mining => or start mining now =>**

Ecoin community

Ecoin**, is a new community driven crypto currency for simple mass adoption. The fastest growing project with over one million members in just 18 days. Be part of it and register simply by email and get up to 1.000 coins as an airdrop. You may refer new users yourself and get more coins. The value of the ecoin will grow with every new user. Ecoin is already listed on Probit exchange. Please use this referral link** [show video]

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Crypto currency portraits*

Klick to find all important information about the leading crypto coins and token in a nutshell:

BTCBitcoin BTC DashDash LTCLitecoin LTC MoneroMonero XMR
ZcashZcash ZEC DigibyteDigibyte DGB BCHBitcoin cash BCH GRINGrin coin GRIN
ETHEthereum ETH EOSEOS TronTron TRX CardanoCardano ADA
XRPXRP StellarXLM Stellar TezosTezos XTZ BinanceBinance BNB
CosmosCosmos ATOM LiskLisk LSK MakerMaker MKR NEMNEM XEM
NeoNeo VechainVechain VET OntologyOntology ONT Ethereum classicEthereum classic ETC
IconIcon ICX WavesWaves KomodoKomodo KMD AlgorandAlgorand ALGO
ZilliqaZilliqa ZIL ElrondElrond ERD VelasVelas VLX SolanaSolana SOL
HarmonyHarmony ONE IOSTIOST CartesiCartesi CTSI KardiachainKardiachain KAI
PolygonPolygon MATIC ChainlinkChainlink LINK SynthetixSynthetix SNX KyberKyber KNC
iExeciExec RLC HiveHive NervosNervos CKB 0x0x ZRX
Band protocolBand CelsiusCelsius CEL RenRen OMGOMG
Hydro protocolHydro HOT Loom protocolLoom CompoundCompound COMP RequestRequest REQ
TellorTellor TRB DOS networkDOS AaveAave AAVE ThorchainThorchain RUNE
IrisnetIrisnet IRIS NimiqNimiq NIM AnkrAnkr ANKR UMAUMA
FlowFlow ICPInternet Computer ICP TerraTerra LUNA OceanOcean Protocol
IOTAIOTA HederaHedera HBAR NanoNano FantomFantom FTM
ViteVite DuskDusk ConstellationConstellation DAG CotiCoti
AvalancheAvalanche AVAX FerrumFerrum FRM TixlTixl TXL IOT ChainIOT Chain ITC

Multi currency wallets

Multi currency wallets can store different kinds of coins and tokens, mostly all the leading coins, Ethereum ERC20 token, Neo NEP5 and Binance BEP2 token and many other coins and token.

The most advanced wallets offer staking and exchanging or swaping too.

Atomicwallet Trust wallet Coinomi wallet
Atomicwallet Trust wallet Coinomi wallet

Thailandīs islands

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